Pictures + Videos Free Bradley Manning Protest in #Berlin #June1 #BrandenburgGate #freebrad #wikileaks #whistleblower

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Andy Müller-Maguhn is a member of the German hacker association Chaos Computer Club since 1986. He was appointed as a spokesman for the club in 1990, and later served on its board until 2012. Since 2012 member of the board of the Wau Holland Foundation. Co author of Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet from Julian Assange along with Jacob Appelbaum and Jérémie Zimmermann.


Dr. Hans Coppi, Jr. born November 1942 in a women’s prison in Berlin is a German historian. His parents, Hilde and Hans Coppi, were active in the German Resistance and were both executed by the Nazis for treason against Germany. From 1990 to 1994, he was a researcher at the German Resistance Memorial Center in Berlin. From 1997 to 2002, he was the project director for the development of electronic archival resources at the Sachsenhausen Memorial. Coppi has been a freelance contributor at the German Resistance Memorial Center since 2003 and since 2004, the state chairman of the Union of Persecutees of the Nazi Regime in Berlin.


Wolfgang Gehrcke, Member of the German Parliament Head of the parliamentary group “foreign policy ” of the German Left Party


Daniel Luecking – born in 1979 – is a German Onlinejournalist and Veteran of the ISAF-Afghanistan-War. Currently he is trying to achieve asylum for afghan journalist-colleagues, who worked for NATO and need to get out of the land because they fear reprisals. Besides, he is coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression as a result of his mission-experiences.


Diani Barreto was born in the US . Media activist , artist. living and working in Berlin.


Text from Elsa Rassbach “Code Pink” spoken by Miriam Volkmann
Elsa Rassbach is US citizen, filmmaker and journalist, who often lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She heads the “GIs & US Bases” working group in DFG-VK (the German affiliate of War Resisters International, WRI) and is active in Code Pink, No to NATO, and the anti-drone campaign in Germany.


Sebastian Hamel Member of German Pirate Party and former Soldier


Annegret Falter is a Political Scientist and a journalist, member of the German Association of Science Writers (WPK); member of the board of Whistleblower Network (WBNW) and of the jury for the Whistleblower Award, a joint project of the Federation of German Scientists (VDW) and IALANA.
The Whistleblower Award was given to Bradley Manning in July 2011.

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